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4.0 ( 5360 ratings )
음악 게임 카지노 주사위 음악
개발자: Takahisa Kuroki
비어 있는

This app is a Japanese slot game with a theme of ninja.
Such a slot game is called pachinko in Japan.
Please enjoy the action of shuriken and sword of ninja hero with this application!

[Major features]
- Ultra Realistic System
▶Suprise Animation & sound & vibration.
▶Exciting action animation by Shuriken and sword

- Slump graph(Panel mode / holographic mode)
▶Slump graph enabling scaling display

- Full auto handle system

- Speedy game system

- Thrilling Chance event

- Bonus game / Rush game
▶ Gold Bonus 16R Bonus + 163 Rotational Changes
▶ Silver Bonus 15R Bonus + 100 Rotation Changes
▶ Bronze Bonus 13R Bonus (Normal)

- Animation of the four seasons in Japan

- Detailed result data
▶ You can referred at any time of the past 100 result data.

- BGM picture book
▶ Beautiful music and Beautiful animation.